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Industries Perfect For Partnerships

Generate Extra Revenue

Become A Referral Partner

Platinum Payment Systems Referral Partners enjoy easy, profitable and recurring revenues. Once you refer a customer to us we manage all aspects of the customer’s account while you collect the monthly residual fees for the life of the account.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Software Development

Including merchant payment services as part of your business software plan will add a whole new, productive aspect to the products you’re offering.

Website Design & Development

We can provide payment processing services built right into the web sites you’re creating that will impress your clients every time.

Internet Marketers

Now you can provide consumers with a quick and easy way to pay for the products and services you’re promoting.


Your customers will appreciate any pointers you have to make their websites run more smoothly, including payment services from Platinum.

ISV's and Platforms

Customers of every kind, from suppliers to retail consumers, enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-use payment management program, and this should be included in every CRM plan.

Tax Services

Platinum Payment products can be used to track all aspects of spending, making things a lot easier for businesses at tax time.

Business Consultants & Coaches

If you are a business consultant or coach this is a great way for you to help your clients save money on their credit card processing and earn some residual revenue while you do it. Ask us how other business consultants are referring merchants.

Venture Capital Programs

Looking for more ways to secure your investment on start up’s? Join our VC – Angel Investor program and earn money back from the processing volume of the companies you invest in.

Our referral partner program is designed to let you offer our top-notch payment services as part of your product line-up, and receive some extra revenue for your business at the same time. We know you come in contact with customers every day who could benefit from a relationship with Platinum Payment Systems, and we’d love for you to send them our way!

Whether you offer our services as part of your business or send your clients straight to us, we’ll take care of the rest for you, and send you a residual income for the life of the account.

As a Referral Partner you can leverage your business in a way that reflects positively on you. Platinum provides you the ability to offer a hassle-free, electronic payments solution as part of your product/service line.

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