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Chargeback Alerts

Prevent Chargebacks

Consumers will often perform a chargeback instead of calling for a refund. To often the first time you hear about a dissatisfied customer is when a chargeback has been filed.

With our chargeback alert system you can receive a notification of a chargeback before it is filed with your merchant processor giving you the opportunity to issue a refund and prevent the chargeback from happening.  ***Powered by Verifi and Ethoca

Chargeback Alert Services

About The System

Our chargeback alert system allows businesses the opportunity to turn chargeback claims into refunds. Simply by monitoring chargeback claims as they are created, we’ve helped many businesses reduce chargebacks by up to 40% using this program alone.

A chargeback is when a consumer instructs their bank to reverse a transaction they have made. The consumer’s bank will take the money associated with the transaction out of the merchant’s bank account without notice. Consumers are expected to try and settle any problems directly with the merchant before filing a chargeback, but they don’t always do that. Too often, the first time a merchant hears about a dissatisfied consumer is after the chargeback has already been filed.

How It Works

***Powered by Verifi and Ethoca

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